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San Marino Rally 16-17 June

Done and dusted at San Marino Rally,

This was my first ever rally and we finished 36th overall and 3rd in class.

It was a test for me for sure after having a small roll in shakedown. But we emerged stronger and more determined than ever after the challenges we had to


The weekend provided an incredible opportunity for growth, we built the confidence back and improved our times stage by stage.

I have been eagerly preparing for the next rally on the near horizon, Rallye Weiz in Austria.

A huge thank you goes out to the team for all the help during this rally and as well for this opportunity as a whole! I absolutely love the sport and this was my first proper rates for it competing in a rally with 80 plus cars.

As well as thanks to my Co-Driver Lorcan Moore who was absolutely phenomenal and taught me loads throughout the weekend!

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